4 Year Degrees in the Medical Field: What Am I Qualified for?

When you think of a hospital or clinic, whats the first career choice that comes to your mind? If you are like me, you will answer doctor or nurse.

These are great jobs if they are right for you, but they are not the only ones that you could choose.

The health care professions contain a myriad of different fields. Education requirements range from certificates to 4 year degrees in the medical field to a professional education.

A bachelors degree will prepare you for more than the 10 positions I will list in this article.

  • Medical imaging manager

Everybody needs a supervisor, including diagnostic technicians who handle X rays, CT scans, MRIs, and other medical imaging programs.

If you did a two year degree in medical imaging and are looking to advance in your career, consider this management role.

You will oversee the medical imaging staff and be required to keep the department moving forward.

  • Sales representative

A bachelors degree teaches you how to communicate effectively. And if you have a background in science, you could purse pharmaceutical sales.

A background in nursing or medical imaging, could get you in on the ground floor of medical equipment sales, too.

Medical technology is constantly improving, and hospitals buy expensive medical imaging equipment. Why not use your medical background and bachelors degree to sell it to them?

  • Product manager

If the thought of working around sick people nauseates you, consider working for a company that targets its sales to the health care industry.

A product manager researches hospitals and clinics and determines if their medical supplies could be marketed to that organization.

A business background would be beneficial.

  • Perfusionist

Blood and gore should not affect your if you want to be a perfusionist.

A perfusionist operates a heart-lung machine, which keeps a patients blood flowing during surgery until the patients heart can be restarted.

  • Transplant coordinator

At least 79 people receive organ transplants daily, according to organdonor.gov. At least 18 people die waiting because of a shortage, though.

As a transplant coordinator, your job involves handling the medical and social needs of people waiting for transplants. You would also screen potential transplants.

  • Registered nurse

An registered nurse is a job that cant be left off the list. The capacity to grow professionally in this job is outstanding.

Once you are well-versed as a bedside or floor nurse, you could switch to the administrative side if patient care is not for you.

Nurses handle aspects of quality and performance improvement, case management, education, patient advocacy, and many other positions.

  • Educator

A bachelors degree can prepare you for education positions in health care. An example is a medical imaging instructor.

You will need a background in medical imaging and be certified, but a 4 year degree is all that is needed to teach.

  • Nutritionist

A dietitian or nutritionist promotes a healthy change to a patients eating lifestyle.

They also manage menus at hospital, nursing home, and school cafeterias.

  • Medical communications

If you graduated with a degree in science or the allied health fields, you may be able to find a job in communications at a local hospital.

The communications field involves writing about health care issues, promoting your hospital, and may involve some medical illustration.

  • Histotechnologist

A histotechnologist works in a medical laboratory and analyzes blood, tissues, and fluids.

Many dont handle patients and spend their days preparing tissue specimens for research, diagnostic and teaching purposes.

I hope this list of 4 year degrees in the medical field has been helpful.