5 Celebration Ideas for Nurses Week

Nurses Week is observed annually to promote and recognize the profession. It is usually done in nursing colleges, hospitals and other institutions where nurses play a big role. Activities make the whole week a festive party and, more importantly, meaningful. Here are 5 celebration ideas for Nurses Week. The key is to mark the week as a celebration not only for nurses, but for the community as well.

Advocate for the profession

Request for an appointment with local officials to discuss important issues affecting nurses, such as work conditions, benefits, staffing and similar issues relevant to your state and locality.

If May 6 is not yet declared as National Recognition Day for Registered Nurses in your locality, petition for its proclamation.

Promote nursing as a profession

Coordinate with schools and organize activities, such as essay-writing contests or painting contests to promote your profession. Provide the mechanics and the theme.

Write a press release about the celebration and the theme, or write an article featuring an outstanding nurse in your area.
Circulate promotional materials, such as posters, brochures, t-shirts, ball pens and pins.

Visit schools and organize a career talk for graduating high school students.

Display printed materials in hospitals, schools and health care centres.

Post press releases through the social media.

Recognize outstanding nurses

Pay tribute to local nurses by giving them due recognition for their long years of service or outstanding commitment. Confer an honorary nurse title to a leader in the community who has been a staunch supporter of the nursing profession.

Host a luncheon or a dinner. Invite important personalities in the nursing or health care circle and organize a program to recognize deserving nurses.

Conduct health fairs, fundraising and health missions

Organize a health fairs and free clinic where nurses can conduct information dissemination, taking of vital signs and preventive screening.

Do a fun run or walkathon, and donate the registration proceeds to charity. You may also organize inter-hospital or inter-department ball games, instead.

Visit remote communities and bring along doctors and other health professionals for a week-long mission. Give fliers, conduct demonstrations on CPR and other health information.

Coordinate with the Red Cross and campaign for blood donation.

Give nurses a break

The celebration is a salute to nurses, yes. Then it would be fitting to end it, not with a bang, but with a little pampering to show appreciation to exhausted nurses.

A hospital or medical facility, for instance, can hire a spa company or therapists to give on-site massage or facial sessions for the nurses in its fleet.

An extra day off with pay within the week or month will be much relished.

What about a basket of goodies and fruits for every nurse at the station, or a celebratory breakfast?

Conduct Continuing Education seminars for nurses. All nurses need this for renewal of their licenses, and it would be great if the institution or organization can coordinate with appropriate bodies to assist nurses in their continuing education and professional advancement.

These are sure ways to send home the message that nurses are greatly valued as professionals and human beings.

I hope you found these celebration ideas for Nurses Week helpful.