Do paid nursing programs exist?

Hospitals that pay for nursing school or provide tuition assistance or reimbursement is a dream for any student.

If you already work for a healthcare facility as an LPN, you might be able to get a nursing tuition reimbursement while going from LPN or CNA to RN.

They do this to promote continuing education and already have invested in you in your current position. Check with your human resources department to see if you have a hospital job that pays for nursing school.

If you are not employed, inquire from your local community medical centers and schools to see if there are work-study programs will pay for your school. Its work checking out because the cost of nursing school is not cheap.

Get paid to go to nursing school? Not quite.

The financial assistance hospitals offer to students of nursing or employees wishing to become nurses can be any of the following:

1. Scholarships – Many hospitals offer scholarship to deserving students. This could be a part of their corporate social responsibility activities, or it could be to fill their future need in human resource.

Based on merit, they can conduct competitive tests to interested students, or evaluate the performance of their employees wishing for advancement in the field of nursing. Scholarships may also be granted based on need.

2. Soft loans – Students who wish to become nurses may also avail of low-interest loans offered by some hospitals. You may inquire from hospitals in your area.

3. Grants – Students who are unable to avail of soft loans may seek grants from hospitals that are highly committed to the community in helping deserving students finance their education. Good educational background is likely one of the prerequisites to qualify for such grants.

4. Hospitals pay for nursing school in exchange for work – Some students aspiring to become a nurse go the route of working in a hospital while completing their nursing school. In return, the hospital shoulders the tuition expenditures.

Many hospitals offer tuition reimbursement in exchange for working in their facility as an aide, clerk, laboratory technician or receptionist.

5. Study now, work later – There are hospitals that help finance your nursing studies, provided that you commit to work for them after you complete your education. It is a practical and convenient way of becoming a nurse and getting a job right after. Inquire from local hospitals for such programs.

Are there any hospitals that will pay for nursing school?

The following 5 hospitals reimburse nursing school tuition if you qualify per their selection criteria. Apart from that, they offer a range of other benefits.

Note: This list is not exhaustive and is a selection. There may be many others. Research hospitals in your area to find more.

1. Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN – this facility is known for medical research and the latest advancements in the field of medical science.

It also pays for nursing school to those qualified. Their program includes staff development, clinical rotations, training, and relocation expense. They even have childcare assistance for emergencies.

2. Kaiser Permanente’s Oakland Medical Center in Oakland, CA – if you are employed in this medical center, you may benefit from tuition reimbursement, loan forgiveness, discounted tickets to tourist destinations, and weekly supply of organic food.

3. Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, IL – the hospital reimburses $3,500 of tuition. It also extends loans and various services, including concierge services and $5,000 loan for buying a house.

4. Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, CA – this hospital takes care, not only of its patients but also of its employees. They reimburse nursing school tuition, offer on-site bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees, and multiple opportunities for growth.

5. Yakima Valley Memorial in Yakima, WA – this hospital is known for its positive and supportive culture. Some of the advantages that nurses enjoy are tuition reimbursement, 401(k), childcare and leadership programs.

How do I find someone to pay for me to go to nursing school?

It is best if you are already employed in one of the hospitals in your area, perhaps working as clerical or administrative personnel.

Or you could already be in the nursing field as CNA or LPN, but would like to widen your responsibilities and opportunities.

If not, find ways to be familiar with the field you are interested in and become part of it. Here are some points to help you in your search for hospitals or healthcare companies that will be willing to pay for your nursing studies.

Inquire from the hospital’s Human Resource Department for programs that will pay for nursing school. Early on it pays to establish good relationships with the hospital and healthcare people.

Decide which nursing school to attend making sure it is state-accredited. Apply for admission to your school of choice. Visit the school’s Financial Aid office and inquire about their financial assistance program for nursing students.

Oftentimes, schools have linkages with hospitals that pay for nurses’ education with a contract that you would later work for these hospitals for a specified number of years or months.

Explore online for scholarships, grants, soft loans or other financial assistance offered by hospitals for aspiring nurses. Try to check out healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Some of them are into sponsoring or granting scholarships to deserving students.

You can also look for specific grants which can readily help cover incidental expenditures that nursing-financing programs may not cover.

Once you find hospitals that pay for nursing school or reimburse your nursing school tuition, take time to read the terms and conditions before signing any agreement.

In your haste, you might miss the fine print and some conditions you can’t possibly comply. In cases of breach of agreement, you will most likely be required to pay everything that was paid for your schooling.