Best Calculator for Statistics: Ho Hum for Graphing Probability!

The best calculator for statistics is one that will allow you to solve and graph complex equations without being a number-crunching-probability nerd during class!

Because intro and advanced stats is required for many high school and college courses of study (its a prerequisite for most nursing students), youll want to get a good calculator for computing statistics answers.

I list and review three in this article; these are dedicated units, not apps for a phone or ipad. They are all made by Texas Instruments but are commonplace units for students and professors. Sorry, HP and Casio fans.

Read reviews from HP, Casio, and Texas Instruments on Amazon.

Before you go out and buy a cheap adding machine on a whim, wait until the first day of class.

Heres why: Your professor may specify a certain brand of calculator that he/she requires for that particular class. Your professor may also inform you of makes and models that are not permitted in the class.

Also, ask around the classroom about what others are buying. Studying in groups is much easier when everyone is using the same tools.

TI-84 Plus: Best calculator for basic statistics

The TI-84 Plus is an updated version of the original TI-83 one of the best graphing calculators, hands down, for statistics class.

This unit is a good choice for students taking stats classes because it allows you to solve a wide range of complex functions, and enables you to test a hypothesis using both summarized and raw data.

What makes this calculator more advanced than its previous version is its increased speed and memory.

It is also capable of storing large flash applications directly onto the device.

TI-89: Best graphing calculator for statistics students

Working with lists, probability distribution, and hypothesis testing are all key factors in stats, and the TI-89 is made to deal with these concepts and much more with ease.

The color-coded keys, increased memory and faster speeds make this device a favorite in stats classes across the country.

The TI-89 has the ability to sync up with other computers and similar devices, making sharing and studying with fellow classmates a breeze.

The Texas Instruments website has countless features that can be downloaded easily onto the device. This unit is my favorite and is now featured as the TI-89 Titanium.

TI-89 Titanium: Better than the rest?

The TI-89 Titanium gets 5-star reviews because of its increased speed, extensive storage space for functions, and the ability to share data with similar devices on the go.

As an advanced version of the TI-89, this calculator will process any complex statistical problem and basically give you the answer.

This sounds great, but unfortunately some professors may not be fond of devices that give everything away, and for this reason, the TI-89 Titanium may be banned from college classrooms.

Which TI calculator is best for statistics?

Students and professors in colleges nationwide recommend the TI-89 and the TI-84 for maximum results in statistics courses.

Before purchasing these models, check with your professor or academic advisor to make sure these models are allowed in the class for tests, homework, and final exams.

You will have an advantage if you wait to receive this information from your professor i.e., youll save time and money when purchasing your calculator.

Also, consider asking around the classroom what other students are using as a calculator for statistics, as well. Studying in groups is much easier when everyone is using the same tools.

A brand new unit will cost anywhere between $100-$150, which can be a stretch for a student on a budget.

Although they can be pricey, a good calculator can make the difference in passing or failing a stats course.

If you still aren’t sure which calculator is right for you, the Texas Instruments website has a side-by-side comparison of their calculators that will help you make a decision based on your needs.

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I hope this answers the following question: What is the best calculator for statistics class?