Best Watch for a Nurse in 2015

The best watches for nurses will have important features such as an easy to read dial – most likely, analog; 24-hour notations; water resistant; and comfy.

Personal preferences may specify a particular color or style dressy, sleek, or oversized. But they are like stethoscopes: You got to have one.

Another important feature of a wrist watch is a silicone band; these are sometimes called a jelly watch. (The last thing you want is a metal watch that catches on bed sheets or has the potential to harm a patient.) But youre not limited to a wrist watch, remember.

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Nurses’ watches are also classified as to how they are worn on the wrist, pinned or lapel-type, and even attached to a carabiner.

Nurses wash all the way to their elbows many times in a day, however, and wrist watches will have to be removed and re-worn every time. This is so much trouble and having a lapel watch is probably the best timepiece a nurse should wear on duty.

This review will feature the best lapel watches they may also be called FOB watches and one wrist watch that’s too impressive to miss.

Nursing fob watches: What is a fob watch, you ask?

A fob is the cord or chain that attaches to a pocket watch, but nursing fob watches have come to refer to the timepiece and the hanging device, which can be attached with a pin or by a clip-on mechanism.

A fob watch for a nurse would hang off of a lapel or pocket.

This nursing accessory has a couple advantages. The first is that it frees up both hands. Secondly, a professional nursing watch like this stays away from most – not all bacteria and is not as likely to transmit infection as easily. This type of medical nursing watch may be a requirement, for instance, if you work in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Caravelle by Bulova Stainless Steel Nurses Lapel Watch

The Caravelle by Bulova Stainless Steel Nurses Lapel Watch is a pin-style analog timepiece. Pin-style units tend to be well-liked by nurses.

It has a 29-mm round face with silver bezel and easy-to-read numbers. A red second hand sweeps around the white dial.

The material for the watch case, the chain and the pin is stainless steel. This is a pretty watch which is also available in gold.

It features Arabic numerals and 24-hour military time, and is covered with a 2-year warranty.

Timex Women Classics Nurses Indiglo Dial Stainless Steel Pin Watch

Unlike other lapel or pin watches available in the market today, the Timex Women Classics Nurses Watchuses an 18-mm wide and 2-inches long stainless steel band instead of the more commonly used chain.

This type of lapel watch is less prone to twisting and swinging like other lapel watches attached on a chain.

The 31-mm diameter face has a white dial with analog display that glows in the dark. The Arabic numerals in 24-hour display are easy to read, with the dial hands in black and the sweeping second hand in red.

The bezel, the case and the clip are all in stainless steel. This is a sturdy watch and slightly bigger than the Bulova reviewed. It comes with the manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty.

Lorus Unisex Professional Blue Dial Nurses Watch

Lorus Unisex Professional Watch has all that a nurse will ever need in a watch.

It glows in the dark with luminous hands and time markers against a blue dial face, features bold Arabic numbers on a 12-hour dial with 60 minutes and seconds marking, water resistant up to 30m, and attaches to the lapel with a pin.

The bezel, case and band are all made of stainless steel. The watch can be elegantly worn by a man or woman. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Wenger Womens Standard Issue Bracelet Watch

We have included a nurses’ wristwatch for those who’d rather have this type instead of the pinned type.

Featured here is a respected name in watch-making – the Wenger brand. This bracelet watch is midsized at 28-mm case diameter and 14-mm band width.

This pretty watch is shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 300 feet depth.

It can be an everyday watch with characteristics that a nurse needs – military time, luminous display, luminous baton hands, red full-sweep second hand, water-proof, scratch-resistant crystal display and stainless steel construction.

Nite Glow Luminous Clip Watch for Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors

Just so you will have an idea of the carabiner type of watch available for nurses, the Nite Glow carabiner clip type watch from Timeline Global may be an option for you.

It has a luminous 30-mm face, black-outlined luminous hour and minute hand dials, red sweeping second hand made, and bold 24-hour display in Arabic numbers.

This is ideal for mobile or emergency nurses who are always on the go. The watch clasps easily with a carabiner clip mechanism and sturdy black metal casing.

What is the best nurses watch in 2015?

For nurses who find that frequent hand-washing and wristwatches don’t go together, or whose skin react to metals or wristwatch bands, the lapel or pin-style watch is an intelligent solution.

It’s convenient, and the only drawback seems being the constant swinging or twisting that some nurses find distracting  much like a stethoscope.

If you pick one that has a thicker band, however, the twisting may be minimized.

Then there are those who’d rather have a watch that can be more multipurpose. It might be a dressy one that can be worn on a date after a nurses’ shift, perhaps, or a less nurse-looking timepiece that can be worn to another job.

In the end, whatever you choose is something that works for you and your work space.

All these watches presented have glow-in-the-dark features that make your task of reading vitals easier especially in a darkened room, without being too obtrusive to sleeping patients.

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