Best Graduation Gifts for Nursing Students: 10 Unique Ideas!

Finding a graduation gift for a soon-to-be RN shouldn’t be so difficult. But if you’re running out of ideas, here are a few suggestions and ideas for gifts for nursing students who graduate soon.

Nursing school graduation gift ideas

1. Barbara Arnoldussen book First Year Nurse: Wisdom, Warnings, and What I Wish I’d Known My First 100 Days on the Job (available on Amazon) will surely be appreciated.

It just could be the most useful below-ten-dollar gift you can give to your fresh grad. You may also opt for fiction books on nurses (there are lots by Cherry Ames) to fill her time offs.

2. If she’s not the bookworm type, a recent Blu-ray or DVD copy of Grey’s Anatomy, medical thrillers, or a compiled series of NY Med will be other leisure-time gifts for student nurses who just graduated.

Few nurses are the couch-potato types, so you may want something that would be practical and handy for them while they’re doing their shifts.

3. A good-quality stethoscope will be greatly appreciated, especially if the recipient still uses the worn-out stethoscope bought for first-year nursing school.

You will never go wrong with a 3M Littmann Classic Stethoscope available on Amazondefinitely a thoughtful one of the more practical gifts for nursing school graduates that would find a lot of use in the real nursing world.

4. Nurses are on their feet during the better part of their profession, and a good pair of comfy shoes will really get your new nurse a good start.

Unless you are certain with his or her shoe size, it would be wiser to buy a gift certificate to her favorite shoe store. You don’t want your expensive pair of shoes sitting on the shoe rack because they don’t fit or are not comfortable to the wearer.

5. Get the new nurse going with solid or fancy scrub suits and matching socks. Don’t be too playful with the designs, though.

Hospitals may have codes for the nurses’ scrubs, and your nursing graduate may not have an idea yet about her first assignment.

6. A nursing bag or tote like this one will be an ideal present and allow the student to hang up his/her school backpack. Take time to consider the size and design of the bag. This can be one of the more practical nursing school graduation gifts out there.

It has to be the right size to hold everything that she’d need for a shift, but not too huge that it would be cumbersome to bring to work every day. Check if it has compartments for a stethoscope, scissors, pen light, cell phone, and water bottle.

7. A nurse needs to have a watch. If the person you’re buying the gift for does not have a good one yet, or may need a replacement for his or her timepiece, it’s probably one of the best gift ideas. In fact, even if the person already has a watch, it’s a good thing to have a spare.

8. Buy her the essential items for her bag – the little basic items that she’d need every single day at work.

Pen lights, pens, scissors, name tags for their stets, compression stockings and a few spares, socks, lotions, sanitizers all available on Amazon.

9. A paid salon and spa appointment will be a most welcome gift after the student’s toil in school.

If the student’s family has planned for a vacation gift, you may pay for the ticket or the hotel accommodations.

10. Give cash or write a check for them. Money will never get out of style as a gift, and there are a zillion ways to give them creatively. How much you give, is another thing. It depends on how much you can afford; $50 is a good amount to start with.

Gift cards to Amazon are a good alternative, too.

Whether you’re buying a simple engraved pen, throwing the graduation party, or paying for the graduate’s holiday, make sure you’re giving with a happy heart.

I hope this provides a few ideas for graduation gifts for nursing students.

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