List of Medical Careers

Looking for a career change or your first professional job out of high school? You may want to consider a field in medicine. Positions in medicine range from administrative work to hands-on clinical work.

You could work in an medical office or work on the hospital floor, depending on which career you choose.

Out of this list of medical careers, jobs range in skills and education, from 2-year degrees to medical doctorate degrees.

But, best of all, health care careers are in demand and are high paying. The future demand will increase because the baby boomer generation is at retirement age and will need health care.

To help you, I want to provide you with a list of medical careers.

Youll also find more allied health careers on our homepage.

Medical careers list

  • Athletic trainers

As an athletic trainer, you will work with a range of ages from children to professional athletes. But your goal will be the same: Prevent, diagnose, and treat muscle and bone injuries and illnesses.

  • Audiologists

An audiologist works to diagnose and treat a patients hearing issues but also works to solve balance problems.

  • Cardiovascular Technologists

As a cardiovascular technologist, you will use imaging technology, which will help doctors diagnose heart and blood vessel issues in patients. You will assist physicians treat cardiac and vascular issues.

  • Chiropractors

A chiropractor manipulates bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons to treat physical ailments like back and neck pain.

  • Dental Assistants

Although a dental assistants tasks range by state and by office, they do have one common task: patient care and record keeping.

  • Dental Hygienists

A dental hygienist educates people about improving and maintaining their oral health. They also examine patients for oral diseases and provide preventative care, working with dentists.

  • Dentists

As a dentist, you will diagnose and treat issues with your patients gums and teeth. You will also educate patients on taking care of their teeth and gums.

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

A diagnostic medical sonographer does more than ultrasounds on a pregnant lady. Their diagnostic equipment, which directs sound waves into a patients body and provide a visual representation of the body, can be used to asses and diagnose medical conditions, including blocked heart arteries.

  • Dietitians and Nutritionists

If you want to educate and advise people on what they should eat to achieve a healthy lifestyle, then becoming a dietitian or nutritionist is the right job for you.

  • EMTs and Paramedics

Considered first-responders, emergency medical technicians and paramedics arrive on the scene of an accident before physicians and nurses. An EMT performs basic medical services and transports a patient to a hospital.

  • Home Health and Personal Care Aides

If you like helping disabled, ill, or cognitively impaired persons, a job as a home health and personal care aid (CNA) may be for you. You will help an older adult with daily activities, including bathing and dressing.

  • Nursing

Nurses make up a large portion of the health care work force. There are three licensed, professional nursing designations: licensed practical, licensed vocation, and registered nurse.
Licensed Practical Nurse and Limited Vocation Nurse
As an LPN or LVN, you provide basic nursing care to your patients. This includes checking vitals, cleaning up, and assisting registered nurses and doctors, whom you work under the direction of.
Registered Nurse
A registered nurse provides advice, emotional support, and educates patients and their family members. They also provide and coordinate the patients care, including administering medication.

  • Massage Therapists

As a massage therapists, you use your hands to manipulate your clients muscles. The goal: Relieve pain, reduce stress, help rehabilitate an injury, improve relaxation, and improve the general well-being of the client.

  • Medical Laboratory Scientists

A medical laboratory scientist sees little patient care, except when collecting samples. The medical laboratory scientist spends most of his/her time analyzing body fluids, tissues, and other substances.

  • Medical Assistants

If you want to get started in the health care work force but dont know where you want to start, a position as a medical assistant may be for you. You would assist health practitioners with the administrative and clinical tasks in a health facility.

  • Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

A medical records technician maintains databases and registries of patient data, including diagnoses and treatment histories. These careers in medical field require a commitment to quality and accuracy.

  • Medical Transcriptionists

A medical transcriptionist transcribes a health professionals voice recordings into written reports. They also compile medical histories of patients and discharge summaries using medical terminology and abbreviations.

  • Nuclear Medicine Technologists

A nuclear medicine technologist radioactive medicine and scanners to image the patients body. They prepare and administer the radioactive drugs, then scan the body. Areas that are abnormal will be highlighted with the radioactive drugs.

  • Nursing Aides, Orderlies, and Attendants

If you like working with elderly people in a nursing home, you may want to consider being a nursing aid, orderly, or attendant. These health care workers provide basic care to patients and nursing home residents.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Specialists

As a occupational health and safety specialist, your job is to make sure the workplace adheres to safety, health, and environmental regulations. Your goal will also be to create plans that prevent injury and disease to workers, along with environmental damage.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Technicians

Occupational health and safety techs focuses on maintaining and collecting data about health conditions and the safety of the workplace. You will conduct tests and measure hazards that could affect (and harm) workers, the public, the environment,and property

  • Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists help patients develop, recover, and improve the necessary skills needed for everyday activities. Often, these workers treat people who have been injured, been ill, or have had a disability

  • Occupational Therapy Assistants and Aides

If you are thinking of becoming an occupational therapist, an occupational therapy assistant would be a good starting career path. You will assist the occupation therapist.

  • Opticians, Dispensing

As a dispensing optician, you will assist ophthalmologists and optometrists by helping customers with eyeglass and contact less purchases.

  • Optometrists

An optometrist examines eyes for problems related to vision, including eye diseases. As an optometrist, you would prescribe prescription eyeglasses or contacts.

Orthotists and Prosthetists

Orthotists and prosthetists design and fit medical and surgical support devices for patients. Devices include braces and artificial limbs, among others.


Pharmacists educate patients about the safe use of medications, along with fill those prescriptions.


  • Pharmacy Technicians

A pharmacy technician, who supports the pharmacist, dispenses medication and assists with customer service.

  • Physical Therapist Assistants and Aides

A physical therapist assistant helps patients with rehabilitation after surgery, injury, and illnesses. They work under a physical therapist.

  • Physical Therapists

A physical therapist develops a rehabilitation program to help patients become mobile and manage pain after injury, illness, or surgery.

  • Physician Assistants

A physician assistant works under the direction of a doctor. As a physician assistant, you will examine patients, diagnose common injuries and illness, and treat them. In rural areas, you will serve as a primary care provider.

  • Physicians and Surgeons

A physician examines, diagnoses, and treats patient maladies. They order, perform, and analyze diagnostic tests. Surgeons require additional training beyond their doctorate degree buy specialize in operating on patients and treating injuries.

  • Podiatrists

A podiatrist is a foot doctor. A podiatrist diagnoses, treats, and provides surgical care for those who have foot, ankle, and lower leg issues.

  • Psychiatric Technicians and Aides

As a psychiatric technician or aide, you will work with people who have a developmental disability or who have a mental illness. You will provide therapeutic are and assist them with daily activities.

  • Radiation Therapists

A radiation therapist administers radiation treatments to eradicate cancer and other diseases in patients.

  • Radiologic Technologists

As a radiologic technologist, you will perform diagnostic imaging exams on patients. This includes x-rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds.

  • Recreational Therapists

A recreation therapists works with people who have illnesses or disabilities. They plan, direct, and coordinate recreational programs that will help improve a patients emotional and physical well-being.

  • Respiratory Therapists

As a respiratory therapist, your position provides care for patients suffering from breathing issues, including asthma, emphysema, heart attacks, stroke, drowning, or shock.

  • Speech-Language Pathologists

A speech-language pathologist works with patients to exam, diagnose, and treat communication and swallowing disorders.

  • Surgical Technologists

As a surgical technologist, your position involves assisting the surgical team during surgical operations. You will prepare the operating room, arrange the equipment, and provide assistance during surgery.

  • Veterinarians

A veterinarian cares for animals. They examine, diagnose, treat, and research medical conditions that affect all animals whether pets or livestock, animals in the zoo or laboratories.

  • Veterinary Technologists and Technicians

Under the supervision of a veterinarian, a veterinary technician cares for animals. They may help with clean-up, administration, and perform medical tests, which a veterinarian may use to diagnose illness and injury.

I hope this list of medical careers has been of use to you.

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