Quick Medical Careers

You may not want to go to school for 7 years to become a doctor. I dont blame you. Thats a long time, with no fast way to get through the program.

But there are quick medical careers that require minimal education and can be completed in six months to a year.

Most require a certification, which is done by passing an exam at the state or national level. Once you determine the career, you should check with the state to find out the official details.

These health care positions range from medical assistance to coding and billing to patient care work.

10 fast medical careers that will get you on the ground floor

Fastest growing health career

Out of the list, the medical career with highest growth is home health and personal care aides, such as a certified nursing assistant. This position is expected to have a 70 percent increased need of workers by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Currently, there are 1,878,700 workers employed in this position and the expected increase in workers is 1,313,200 more. Thats almost double the current amount, which is staggering.

Although this sound like a good career to choose, you may want to keep in mind that it is entry-level but offers plenty of growth for the future. You could spend six months getting the certification, find a job, then work on becoming a limited practical nurse or registered nurse while working.

Many hospitals accommodate workers who want to further education. Some will even contribute to pay the admissions costs.

Medical coding is another good career, which can be completed in two years with an associates degree and becoming certified. Two additional quick careers that require only two years of education and high pay are dental hygienist and ultrasound technician. Another fast career path is to become a medical assistant, which is a program that does not take long to complete.

Because health careers are on the rise and there is an increased demand for workers, this means that there will be an increased demand to staff administrative positions that handle billing and coding.

I like this career because you could work in an office setting to learn the ropes for a couple years. After being acclimated to the job, you could start your own business.

Heres my thought: Rather than a doctors clinic hiring staff to complete the billing and coding work, an office may choose to pay a company that specifically handles the task. This saves the clinic money.

If you could work on contract with multiple clinics doing their coding and billing, you would have a great business opportunity, running your own medical and coding business, working for yourself.

I hope this quick medical careers have been helpful to you.