Rolling Backpacks for Nursing Students Buyers Guide

Carrying 30-50 pounds of books and school supplies is no easy feat. There’s no reason to punish your spine. Invest in one of those well-designed rolling backpacks for nursing students.

Here are the important elements to look for in a nursing backpack. This guide should help you in finding the best nursing student backpack

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Make sure it has rollers

Nurse backpacks now come with rollers for those days when you need to bring more books than you can carry on your back. Choose wheels that move in all directions. Conventional rollers move forward and back. Multi-directional power-glide wheels are easier to move around because they practically move with the slightest nudge. On lighter days, the handle can be retracted and the backpack can be carried as usual.

Check for capacity

You’d be lugging with you your arsenal, so your backpack better have the capacity for it. The space must hold your textbooks, clipboard, laptop, supplies and equipment, and water bottle.

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You know one when you see one. It’s not simply a hodgepodge of pockets and partitions; it has well-placed and correctly-sized holders for things that a nursing student brings along regularly. Look for a backpack with straps and compartments for netbook or laptop, 3 to 4 textbooks, clipboard, pens and highlighters, binders, calculator, chargers, cellphone, and water bottles.

One tough cookie

Pick sturdy exterior over attractive appearance; but if you find both qualities in one backpack, then go for it!

Don’t trust appearances when you shop for backpacks; remember, they’re in for rugged days ahead. Inspect zippers, locks, inside seam, joints, and overall workmanship. Test zippers if they open and close smoothly. As for the exterior material, one that is proofed against the elements will be preferable. You don’t want wet books after getting rained on. A backpack bottom panel made of leather will be more durable.

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Big but not an oversized rolling backpack

It’s easy to fall into the notion that you need an oversized boxy thing. You actually need one that will hold everything like books and a stethoscope, but streamlined to allow you to move through traffic and corridors conveniently. It must not cause a blockage along aisles, classrooms and in public conveyances.

Check for a good warranty

Branded backpacks usually offer lifetime warranty on materials and repair if they tear apart or fail to perform as expected under normal use.

Recognized brand names do come priced higher than the inferior brands, but their overall quality and warranty often more than make up for the price you pay.

Backpacks from makers such as Jansport, Puma, and other big brands often outlive nursing school. These backpacks end up used by nurses doing their tour of duty, or by their children in school.

High price and superior quality don’t always go exclusively together, though. There are mid-priced bags, such as L.L. Bean, that are brands recognized for their high quality.

Shoulder straps matter

Remember that it will not always be an easy glide even with your wheeled backpacks. There’d be days when you simply need to lug your backpack on your, well, back. A thickly padded shoulder strap will make the back-breaker easier to bear.

Aim for the classic look

What’s trendy now will be “so last year” next year.

So if you’re investing for THE bag to last you through 4 years of nursing school, it better not “look” like the year it was bought.

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Be on the lookout for sale and special deals!

What’s a 140-dollar backpack if it’s offered at 50% discount? Take advantage of superior quality and a good luggage trade name during crazy sales.

Price will always be one of your major considerations when buying a nursing school backpack. And rightly so; a nursing bag is not the only major purchase you’re going to spend on in nursing school and you will most likely prioritize expenses.

The thing, however, is to weigh things carefully. Consider the above mentioned aspects alongside the cost.

Think in the long term – more expensive and superior-quality backpack to last through 4 years, versus cheap backpacks which you will need to replace every term.

Put a price on convenience and your well-being. You’ve only got one spine, in case you’ve forgotten. Don’t let a backpack weigh you down. Decide judiciously you can be a nurse without sacrificing your health and comfort.

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